The production of Medistus® Antivirus lozenges takes place according to DIN EN ISO and GMP standards at the production site of a highly recognized pharmaceutical manufacturer in Germany using strictly controlled natural substances.

The license holder and the owner of the technical documentation of Medistus® Antivirus lozenges is the Innopharm GmbH in Austria.
The main activity of the company encompasses the trading and distribution of medical devices.
The Innopharm GmbH provides all necessary clinical studies and laboratory tests which are essential for the safety and efficacy of its medical devices. Furthermore, the Innopharm GmbH is the head of product development and innovation.

The exclusive rights for worldwide distribution are conferred upon the Vitaplus Kft in Hungary owing to its long-term experience and extensive network of commercial partners.
Medistus® Antivirus was introduced by Vitaplus Kft in numerous countries in Europe and has successfully been distributed there ever since.